A mobility vehicle can definitely improve your lifestyle. No longer will you be confined to your home, reliant on others and unable to fully control your own life.
• Total freedom
• Total independence
• Total dignity

Points to ask:

• Where do I want to use it? – Indoors – size of doors?
• Outdoors – level or rough ground? Are dropped kerbs available?
• How far do I want to go?
• Do I need to get it into a car?
• Does it dismantle easily? Who will dismantle it? How often?
• Where will my vehicle be stored and charged?
• Will I be in the vehicle for long periods?
• Can I use it easily and safely?
• Do I need it to be adapted for my particular comfort and safety?
• Do I need special seating, backs, armrests, footrests?
• Is there a clear indication of the amount of charge remaining?
• Is it available in different colours of frame and upholstery?
• Who will service my vehicle?
• Do I want extended warranty, insurance and a service contract?

Training me to use my vehicle

Mobility experts are keen to provide you with proper training to help you be in proper control and at ease with your newly found freedom.
So ask them to accompany you in and around your home, and out to your local shops and venues. Your dealer will want you to feel confident so that you get the most pleasure and use from your product.
Battery care

Looking after and regularly charging your scooter will increase its reliability and reduce its running costs. You must always read your owner’s manual and take particular note about how to charge the batteries. Please be assured that the battery charging uses about the same electricity as a 100 watt light bulb, so it won’t eat you out of house and home.

Making an informed choice

Today it is increasingly common to see a scooter being used by people of all ages and abilities. People have now found out that these mobility vehicles are popular because without them they would be house bound, or restricted to only very limited distances, and that they are easy to control economical to keep, and actually pretty good fun!
However, deciding on which model to see and which company to buy from is very important, and can be difficult.
You need to know that the product is suitable for all your needs, and that the company is qualified, and an experienced supplier, you need to know that they will look after you and your vehicle, now and in the future.

Points to consider

• Is the company based near you with showrooms, servicing facilities, and on the road repair and service engineers?

• Can the company provide servicing and finance plans and information about comprehensive insurance?
• Do you know the cost of call outs and in-home servicing?
• Is the company able to provide other medical products you require