Pride have just released their new folding portable scooter and have let us look at it  for a couple of days.First viewing proves to be impressive. The folding mechanism is so much easier than that of others in the market place and the lithium batteries, as standard, makes it light weight and easier to pick up. However one must not forget that being a folding scooter you do have to lift the unit as a single dead weight: total weight with batteries is 27kgs (59.4lbs)and without the battery pack it weighs 23kgs (50.6lbs). With a maximum user weight of 115kgs (253 lbs/18st) the scooter provides good leg room and comfort for a truly portable folding unit! The other very good feature is the ease with which you are able to push it around in the folded position which makes movement in places like airports and train stations luggage queues so much more pleasant!

As with all the folding scooters, prices are higher than the standard breakdown bootie scooters, but if you want/need a folding scooter then in our opinion the Pride Quest will be a serious contender!