This memory foam cushion provides exceptional value for money. The base is made from high resilient polyurethane foam that provides stability and support, whilst a bonded upper layer of visco elastic memory foam provides the comfort and pressure relief required. The memory foam conforms to the users body, providing continuous and even pressure distribution. Supplied with a Harley Dartex waterproof/Vp cover. Other cover options available.

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Available in 12 dimensions:

  • 40x40x6cm
  • 40x40x8cm
  • 40x40x10cm
  • 43x43x6cm
  • 43x43x8cm
  • 43x43x10cm
  • 46x40x6cm
  • 46x40x8cm
  • 46x40x10cm
  • 46x46x6cm
  • 46x46x8cm
  • 46x46x10cm