From £2 050 Ex Vat

K-Lite scooters  offer you the ultimate lightweight folding scooter for easy storage, transportation & handling. K-Lite folding scooters are either K-Lite FE (Electric) or K-Lite F (Manual). K-Lite FE has a  wireless key-fob remote, which allows you to fold & unfold your scooter automatically. There are also fold & unfold buttons under the controls, just in case you misplace or lose your  key-fob remote.

K-Lite scooters are made from  lightweight aluminium with a 1.64 kg ultra-lightweight lithium battery pack. You can take your battery pack indoors to charge it conveniently. The K – Lite also has a simple, quick release & removable seat,  to create an  lighter package to lift. An “ under-your-seat” storage bag has been added.

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  • Max speed – 4 mph
  • Travel range per charge – 9.3 mi / 15 km
  • Solid wheels
  • Max user weight – 19 st/ 120 kg