The QUICKIE Q50 R is a space-saving powerchair, that folds easily in seconds to the size of a suitcase. Go everywhere you want with a 31mile/50 km range, dual suspension and energy-efficient motors.

Flip-up the clip at the back, fold the footplate and push the backrest downwards to fold the Q50 R straight to the floor. You don’t need to remove the battery.

IDEAL FOR CAR HOISTS – Planning a road trip? At 37.5kg, the Q50 R is ideal for hoisting in-and-out of your car. You can even remove the battery to further reduce its weight down to just 32 kg.

EASY TRANSFERS – Easily side transfer in-and-out of your Q50 R by flipping the armrests upwards. The controller also swings outwards, so you can get closer to tables too. The centre-mount footrest conveniently flips-upwards, giving you all the space you need.

VSI CONTROLLER – you need precision movement, so the Q50 R has the VSI controller. Easy to use, this controller responds precisely to your commands. It also helps you keep track of remaining battery life too

1220 mm TURNING CIRCLE – Unlike a mobility scooter, the Q50 R has a small 1220 mm turning circle, making it perfect for indoors.

DUAL SUSPENSION – The Q50 R has a front rubber damper and rear shock absorbers, which reduces shock and vibration.

GREATER TRACTION – it has 12” drive wheels which provide better grip on multiple surfaces. Rear mudguards also help to keep you clean.

UPHILL STABILITY – The Q50 R’s longer 1030 mm length provides a greater level of stability. For additional safety, rear anti-tips are also supplied as standard too.

INCREASED RIGIDITY The Q50 R’s durable aluminium frame uses oval tubing (as opposed to round). It’s also covered by a 5-year warranty

LOW-RESISTANCE PUSHING – Pop the Q50 R into freewheel mode and its low resistance motors will work with you to make pushing the Q50 R effortless. The padded foam around the top of the backrest bar also provides a more comfortable grip to push from too.

REMOVABLE, LITHIUM-ION BATTERY Weighing just 5.5kg, and with its own dedicated charging socket, there’s no need to un-pack your Q50 R when running low on charge. Just pop-off the battery and charge separately! It’s also removable when folded too.

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  • Maximum user weight 136 kg
  • Maximum speed 6 km/h
  • Folded width 600 mm
  • Batteries 30 Ah, Lithium Ion
  • Folded length 800 mm
  •  Folded height 400 mm
  • Total width 600 mm Total length 855-1030 mm
  •  Maximum safe slope 10 Degrees (dynamic stability)
  •  Total height 905-1005 mm
  • Wheels 12” Solid (rear) / 8” Solid (front)
  • Backrest height 450-550 mm
  • Range 50 km (31 miles)*