The Penarth Chair Bed is a chair that converts to a bed.  With the addition of Drop Arms and the infinite positioning of separate Back, Leg, Tilt and Rise motors is always possible to create a comfortable sitting and sleeping position.


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Main Features:

  • BLTR action with separate control of Back, Leg, Tilt and Rise functions
  • Ultima vinyl Crib 5 with waterproof vapour permeable 4 way stretch fabric on all contact surfaces
  • Removable seat quilt system giving access to the seat foam block
  • 20 stone extra heavy duty leg rest
  • Flat vertical lift if required

Sizing chair range – shown in inches

Seat height:16 – 22
Seat width:18 – 34
Seat depth:18 – 22
Back height:27 – 33
Back angle:50
Overall width:Seat width plus 9
Overall depth:38
Overall height:Seat height plus back height minus 3
Available width:Standard