Similar in function and appearance to the Savanah slatted bath board but supplied with two additional slats to provide extra comfort and support. The extra width gives more confidence to users when transferring and gives a larger surface area,and therefore more comfort, for users who need to shower on the board. Consisting of the same features as the bath board and made from the same high quality, durable materials, it may also can be used with the Savanah bath board handle.

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  • It comes in four Lengths:
  • 660mm (26˝) 2.8kg
  • 686mm (27˝) 3.0kg
  • 711mm (28˝) 3.2kg
  • 762mm (30˝) 3.5kg
  • The Width is 356mm (14˝).
  • Optional handle
  • Maximum User Weight is 190 Kg / 30 Stone