With this light ,quick-to-fit canopy,you can enjoy independence and go out on a whim, without any help. It’s light, compact and discrete, the flexible fold-away design meets your needs when you’re out and about, offering protection from the elements in minutes. The quality materials inspire confidence – the canopy is robust and safe. Ultra versatile, Scooterpac is simple to purchase as it fits virtually all scooter models.

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  • The Scooterpack canopy is unique, comprising a light strong and long-lasting aluminum frame
  • Hard wearing waterproof canvas roof, clear polypropylene side windows and a hard, clear Perspex front window
  • Folds away when not needed, stored neatly under a cover on the scooter
  • Folds out from behind the seat to form a top and side canopy, for protection from wind and rain
  • Fits to the back of the seat on any scooter including folding scooters
  • Also fits car transportable utilising cleverly adjustable arms, the Scooterpac fits securely to virtually fit all scooters even car transportables
  • A compact design and lightweight frame, ensures you can easily transport your scooter like you always did