This height adjustable trolley is sturdy and robust walking aid for use within the home. The clip on plastic shelves are easy to clean with a lip around the edge to prevent items slipping off. Lockable hand brakes provide additional safety when raising from a seated position.

These utensils assist those who cannot raise their arm or reach behind their head to comb their hair. They consist of a lightweight moulded plastic handle with a push-on extension piece, and a hinged end piece which holds the comb or brush and has two different angled positions. When not in use, the comb or brush folds back into the handle and the extension can be taken off to give a pocket sized item.

This user friendly telephone has big button keys and an easy to use display with large characters. The extra loud ringer signal and handset volume can be easily adjusted and the speakerphone allows you to talk free. Hearing aid compatible and suitable for wall mounting.

This secure lockable device is accessible via a keypad designed for the storing of keys near an entry door. The large key safe can store up to five large keys and the large push buttons are easy to use. Supplied with a weather proof neoprene cover.

These key turners hold one or two keys and offer a generous handle to assist turning.Keys fold back in towards the handle.

Tube master squeezes out the last remains of the tubes in a simple way that leaves nothing inside the tube.

Take the backache out of sweeping the floor. The folding design allows for convenience of storage and traps dirt and dust when when carried. The footplate locks the dustpan in place when sweeping dirt into the pan.

The Plug tug makes removing fiddly plugs less of hassle. They are easy to attach and use. They help you identify confusing wires and plugs as it includes a range of stickers, labels and marker pen. A single pack contains 10 plugs.

Press the large top button and this quartz analogue will speak the time.

A wireless calling alarm system with one main receiver until two pendant calling transmitters. Call button and panic button on each pendant. Helpful support for the elderly, disabled or children.

The MyDECT 100 has an adjustable receiving volume control up to 22db and 5 levels of ringer volumes making it ideal if you are hard of hearing. The big button keypad and LCD screen with adjustable contrast it is easy to use and handle. It also features caller identification, a talking time display and stores up to 50 contacts.

This hearing booster is a major breakthrough in a sound interception and amplification. It allows you to hear the quietest of sound indoors or outdoors making it ideal for listening to the tv or radio.