The Alton bath board is made from perforated steel construction coated in tough white, easy to clean plastic. It provides a stable platform for getting into or out of bathtub. Plastic-coated steel board is perforated to allow drainage. Extra wide, high strength and quick draining design, also ideal when showering. The adjustable metal brackets enable this bath board to fit a wide variety of bath styles.

The Molded bath board with the handle is constructed from lightweight moulded plastic, this bath board is both sturdy and durable. The board has holes to assist with water drainage and a built in dish for storing soap. Supplied complete with a handle to give the user support and assistance when getting onto or off of the board.

The Savanah slatted bath board is made with smooth, reinforced plastic slats, the Savanah bath board provides a strong comfortable, quick draining design. The slats are fully sealed against the ingress of water and all fittings are stainless steel, giving a corrosion resistant bath board. The brackets include a serrated face and rubber buffers to help secure the board in place. The bracket may also be angled to position the board further back into the bath. Rubber pads under the slats help prevent the bath board slipping on the rim of the bath.

Similar in function and appearance to the Savanah slatted bath board but supplied with two additional slats to provide extra comfort and support. The extra width gives more confidence to users when transferring and gives a larger surface area,and therefore more comfort, for users who need to shower on the board. Consisting of the same features as the bath board and made from the same high quality, durable materials, it may also can be used with the Savanah bath board handle.

For ease of transfer and added user security, an optional handle is available for the Savanah slatted bath board or shower board.To improve grip on the handle, the moulding is covered with a comfortable, soft feel sleeve. Fitting the handle may remove the need for a wall mounted grab rail in many circumstances.Weight 0.2kg.

The Savanah slatted bath seat is designed using smooth,strong slats this seat is suitable for bathing or showering.Front sucker feet secure it into position. The seat size is 457 × 290mm (18×11 1/4˝)” and the footprint 345 × 300mm (13 1/2×12˝). . It comes in three seat heights 6 ” high, 8″ high and 12″ high.

The Molded bath seat is comfortable and strong,it is a white plastic stool with advanced sucker design for maximum security. It is available in three seat heights the 6″ high, 8″ high and the 150-200mm (6-8˝) Kit.

The Lightweight bath seat is extremely easy to fit, this bath seat requires no assembly or adjustment and is simply positioned where required. It is constructed from aluminium with a plastic seat, this bath seat is both corrosion resistant and extremely lightweight.Soft caps on the arms prevent the seat from moving. The seat size 16×9″. Fits baths with an internal measurement of 23 to 26 “.

The Transfer bath bench is an extra wide bath seat that sits with two legs inside the bath and two on the floor outside. It has a wide padded seat that makes transferring into the bath safe and comfortable. The handle enables easier transfer and gives confidence while seated. May be assembled for use on either side of the bath. Maximum ground clearance from the floor is 24″.

The Swivelling bath seat is a rotating seat which allows the user to sit comfortably and gently swing their legs around so they are sitting over the bath. It is Lightweight and corrosion resistant, this aluminium swivelling bath seat is available in four frame widths to suit a variety of bath sizes. The rotating seat locks at each 90° interval and has side arms to enable easy transfer and provide additional security to the user. Holes in the seat aid water drainage. Seat width 460mm (18˝). Seat depth 390mm (15 1/4˝). Weight 7.2kg.

The generous seat size of these Savannah Shower Seats ensure comfort and security for the user. Wall mounted with a choice of screw configuration, the shower stools fold neatly against the wall when not required. Manufactured from aluminium and plastic, they are durable and corrosion resistant. The height adjustable legs provide additional support and stability. The optional backrest has arms that foldaway independently for side transfer and can be mounted at the desired height for the user. Optional seat and backrest pads are also available.

This height adjustable shower chair has been designed with an aluminium frame, ensuring it is both lightweight and corrosion resistant. The arms, seat and legs fold easily away when not in use. Lift-up arms enable easier side transfer and the backrest offers additional support. Supplied complete with seat and backrest pads that may be removed if required. Seat width 460mm (18˝). Seat depth 380mm (15˝).