A Plastic coated steel frame / Height adjustable trolley with two wipe clean laminated shelves. Angled handles offer support and comfort. Swivel castors allow precise manoeuvrability.

A tray with a non-slip mat, heat resistant silicon mat to stop plates or cups from sliding. Colour may vary.

The Stay Tray with bean bag sits comfortably on your lap in a stable position. It allows you to use the tray sitting in a chair or lying in bed, providing a firm base for eating, drinking or recreational activities. The tray is washable and comes with detachable bean bag. The bean bag cover is also removable and can be machine washed. The tray is also supplied with a non-slip, heat-resistant silicon mat to stop plates or cups from sliding. The mat colour may vary.

Stainless steel utensils with built up handles for those with a weak grip and restricted wrist or finger movement. Available in ivory or black.

Good looking and very practical , these chunky utensils come with soft, light grey foam handles which are very comfortable and easy to grip.

These spoons and forks are bendable to any angle to provide a comfortable position. The built up ribbed rubber handles are comfortable to hold and improve grip. Dishwasher safe.

The Shatterproof mug is tough clear plastic mug with a large handle, supplied with two lids, one anti-spill, and one with a spout. he mug is dishwasher safe but not the lid. Capacity 400ml.

This clear mug has two large angled handles to assist week or restricted grip. Supplied with a spout lid. Dishwasher safe. Capacity 300ml.

This innovative kettle tipper is especially useful for people with arthritis or weak grips.The lever allows the kettle to be poured safely with very little effort. Designed to be compatible with most kettle types, including standard , jug and cordless kettles.

The long handled milk bottle holder is used to carry milk easily and safely without having to bend to pick them up , leaving a hand free for support. The handle length is 24″.

The multi-opener is a handy, multi-functional opener suitable for opening bottle cap tops, screw tops and can pull ring pulls. The opener is coated with a non-slip material to ensure ease of use.

The One Touch can opener is a faster way to open cans of all types and sizes. The new improved One Touch Can Opener has been redesigned with several improvements to the original One Touch Can Opener. The Opener is suitable for all types of cans including large pie cans and corned beef style cans.