This portable access ramp is specially designed for the use of three wheel scooters and four wheel scooter. It is also ideal for transporting wheelchairs into vehicles as well as a variety of other access situations. Lightweight and portable, it folds in half for easy storage. Can also be used for permanent installations. Manufactured from non-corrosive glass reinforced plastic with a contrasting coloured non-slip surface.

Designed to overcome the majority of wooden and uPVC frames, allowing the door to open and close when in position.

These ramps are lightweight and portable and have plastic inserts that locate on the top of a step or rear of a vehicle. The surface is coated with grit for grip and durability. Available in fixed lengths or telescope, which have a locking device to hold the two parts together.

These ramps feature two sections that telescope with each other. This means they can be adjusted to the length to be spanned. At their minimum length, they are held by a safety catch, preventing them from moving during transportation and storage.

The roll-up ramp is lightweight and portable with a segmented that allows it to be rolled up for transport yet set up in seconds.It has durable non-slip driving surface and side rails that act as a bumper guide for safety and security 30″ wide.

Designed for both scooters and wheelchairs, these folding broad ramp s offer non-slip driving surface. There is a handle in the centre of each ramp (except 2ft length version) for carrying the two hinged tracks, simply unfold for use. Available in 5 lengths and 2 widths.

These ultra strong ramps provide safety and strength while remaining light and portable. The ramps can be separated,making them extremely easy to use, carry and store. Each section has its own carrying handle (except 2ft version). Unfolds to 29″ non slip-driving surface that features yellow safety strips and self adjusting bottom transition plate.

A pair of lightweight folding channel ramps manufactured from fiberglass and designed for wheelchair or scooter access. These lightweight ramps are easily handled and fold in half for storage. Finished with non slip surface and smooth edges to prevent injury or damage. Internal width 8″.

Portable modular ramps that are versatile enough to solve a variety of problems. Quick and easy to install, the kits have a width of 29 1/2″ and can overcome threshold heights up to 6″. Designed with safe working load of 1 tone per square inch. Lightweight, they can be installed as a temporary or permanent solution.

If you are an active person then walking over a threshold something taken for granted. If you are less mobile (for example, with a walking stick, a rollator, walking frame, a scooter or wheelchair) then walking over a threshold can be more difficult and even dangerous.