• Affordable lithium battery scooter
  • Air travel safe
  • Soft Grip and dual controls
  • Rotating padded seat
  • ‘Soft Solid’ tyres
  • Max range 9 miles
  • Max user weight 18 stone
  • Standard 2 year warranty
  • Heaviest Part  14.5kg
  • powerful 270 watt motor

Manufactured from an aircraft-grade aluminium frame and fitted with a powerful lithium battery pack.

The Illusion is fast and easy to take apart and reassemble with the heaviest disassembled part weighing under 10kg! This makes it so much easier to handle especially when lifting in and out of a vehicle.

The Illusion is also super comfy with its front and rear suspension and luxury padded seat guaranteeing you an enjoyable driving experience. This scooter also allows users of  varying heights ample leg room with its flowing front shroud.



An amazing, feather-light scooter. “Lightness” was a design priority; the MONARCH AIR is made from super-strong magnesium alloy.

The MONARCH AIR not only feels safe to operate, but it also offers the perfect driving position thanks to an adjustable tiller.

Featuring the Rascal LiFe Battery with Lifetime Guarantee

The Rascal Vierra LiFe is a quality engineered, lightweight, Aluminium boot scooter with State-Of-The-Art Lithium Ferro-Phosphate Battery. With a choice of 25Ah or 12.4Ah battery, this compact, class-leading Rascal includes a Lifetime Battery Guarantee for peace of mind. If you are looking for spacious legroom, all-round suspension with exceptional ride comfort, stability & optimum longevity, with this 4mph scooter offering up to 21.4 stone user weight, it is the obvious choice.

  • Ultra-lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Very lightweight lithium battery pack available in either 21ah or 34ah high capacity
  • Large 230mm diameter pneumatic soft ride or solid puncture proof tyres.
  • Designed for lifting in and out of the car boot with ease.
  • All-round suspension giving exceptional comfort.
  • Easy to take apart and reassemble in seconds.

The Lithilite has a range of up to 15 miles with a lightweight 4kg battery pack. The Lithilite Pro goes even further, with a 30-mile range (the longest of any car boot scooter) and only a 5kg battery pack. There is also a smaller battery pack is also available which complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations for air travel.

Both the Lithilite and Lithilite Pro can be disassembled easily for transportation and are fitted with all-round suspension. The long and flat floor and adjustable tiller also allow generous leg room and the soft grip tiller handlebar make for a comfortable ride.

The Vippi is lightweight, versatile & compact.

It is easy to dismantle and deconstructs into 5 parts for storage and transportation. easy take-apart mechanism into 5 The single heaviest part weighing only 15 kgs.

  • Overall length – 100cm / 39.4”
  • Overall width – 49.5cm / 19.5”
  • Maximum carrying capacity / 130kgs / 20.4 stone.
  • Maximum speed – 6.4km/h / 4mph
  • Maximum kerb height – 5cm / 2”
  • Range – up to 19.1km / 11.9 miles
  • Colour – Blue Moon / Green Lightning / Red Sky

The Evolite has an Aluminium chassis and Lithium battery technology, making it one of the lightest scooters  on the UK market.

It  disassembles into 5 lightweight  pieces, the heaviest of which weighs just 10kg! The Lithium battery pack weighs just 3kg and offers a range of up to 9 miles per charge, as well as being within the CAA’s regulations for safe air travel.

The  8” wheels and powerful 250w motor allow the Evolite to perform impressively.  The comfort offered by the soft tyre compound, delta handlebar and extra thick seat padding, makes the Evolite  a great travel companion.

The Alumina range has both an Aluminium chassis and Lithium battery technology, making it the lightest car boot scooter with the longest range.

The Alumina offers up to 15 miles range with a lightweight 4kg battery pack. The Alumina Pro has a 30-mile range (the longest of any car boot scooter) and only a 5kg battery pack. A smaller battery pack is also available which complies with the Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations for air travel.

Both are easily disassembled for transportation with a heaviest part weighing just 10kg. Both are also fitted with all-round suspension.

The Airium has a Lithium battery and a lightweight Aluminium chassis making it the lightest pavement scooter on the UK market.

It has a 25-mile range and 21.4 stone weight limit. Easily disassembling into 4 pieces, the heaviest piece is just 13kg.

The powerful 250w motor, large 9” wheels with super soft tyre compound combined with the larger padded seat and delta handlebar, ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The Airium really is one of the best all round solutions available for both long journeys and travelling.

The Veo Sport is fully loaded with features. A modern, sporty design with class leading all-round suspension. With 22Ah batteries, a superb capacity for a scooter of its size, affording a range of up to 13.5 miles.

A padded delta tiller and luxury seat, detailed with unique white accent stitching, the Veo Sport is a real pleasure to ride. The Veo Sport’s easy and robust take apart mechanism allows you to store or drive away with it in the boot of your car, so it is very practical yet with its distinctive looks, exclusive all-round suspension, this is the travel scooter with the edge

The Liberty Vogue mobility scooter provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort and ease of use. The  full front and rear suspension complete with luxury padded seat gives a fantastically comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

The lightweight design allows you to quickly and safely lift the scooter into and out of the boot of your ca. This combined with the user-friendly splitting design enabling you to assemble and disassemble the scooter quickly and easily. The unique design of the front shroud and the fully adjustable seat allows users of all heights to have a comfortable and spacious seating position.

For those who want to travel extra miles or would just like the assurance of larger batteries, then the interchangeable battery box enables a quick and cost-effective upgrade from the standard 12AH batteries to larger 21AH batteries. Extra user-friendly features include the easy to access tiller charger port, LED light and delta tiller. With its wide range of stylish colours the Liberty Vogue mobility scooter offers you freedom in more ways than one!