Lightweight and stylish, this caddy, for use with wheeled walking frames, is ideal for a variety of daily living aids enabling the user to transport items safely and independently. There is one large and one small compartment to allow transportation of such items as glasses, keys and medication. Supplied with a tray for holding a plate of food and a mug holder.

These sticks have either a three or four point base making them freestanding to offer more stability than a standard walking stick. Available with a small or wide base and quadruped or tripod base. The small base models are adjustable in height from 26″to36″ and the wide base models from 29 to 36″.

Lightweight,sturdy, height adjustable, aluminum sticks in a choice of two styles of handle, Comfy and Contoured. Both handles are designed to spread the pressure evenly over the whole palm making them kinder on arthritic hands. The Comfy handle is larger, while the Contoured handle suits smaller hands. Height adjustable 29 to 38″. Available in left or right hand options.

Folding walking sticks are lightweight metal sticks with sectioned shafts that enable them to be folded up for storage. Strong elastic runs inside the shaft to ensure that when its in an open position, the stick remains stable. Fixed or adjustable height versions are available in this section. Some are provided with a plastic storage pouch.

A value for money clip that grasps the stick, allowing it to be balanced on the edge of a table or worktop. May also be used underneath the table or worktop to wedge the stick upright.

These wrist straps hold the walking stick near the wrist and saves putting down your stick when using your hand. The leather wrist strap is secured by a hook and strap. The nylon economy strap is secured by an elasticated hoop and offers exceptional value for money.

The broad contoured handles on these crutches spread the weight across the the hand and reduce pressure points. Height adjustable above and below the handle.

Supplied in pairs.